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Make Your Own Great Looking Sites quickly with Diy Web Kit Today!

Diy Web Kit is a complete solution, containing website builder, publisher, key word generator, promoter, web site optimizer, shopping cart and ecommerce solution rolled in one easy to use package. It will save you tons of money while getting you professional & effective results.

The bottom line? Diy Web Kit works, will get the job done and not will give you a heart burn or burn a hole in your pocket in the process! It is easy, effective, fast and inexpensive.

This amazing software will build & maintain sites for Small Business, Affiliate Sites, Home Business, Ecommerce, Shopping cart, online stores and even personal & fun sites! 

Great for non-technical or busy people like you and me. Diy Web Kit is 100% template based, making it very easy to make your own website or just a page literally in minutes.


The best part?   It's so easy,   
                                   Just Do It Yourself!

How does it work?  
You will receive many readymade templates (designs) along with an easy to use 'wizard' style software, and you will just need to point and click your mouse to enter your content, pictures, voice, music, special effects, shockwave files, AVI or Mpeg movies, feed-back forms, Order Forms, Shopping Carts and much more!

Diy is a definite time saver! You'll be able to churn out good looking websites in no time at all and update them whenever you wish.

Great for Business, Affiliate Ecomerce and Personal sites or for any one who want to create a professional looking website fast and first-time creators of websites.  It is the fastest, easiest & affordable method to build professional websites with great results in minutes. Get Diy Web Kit today, expand your reach and GLOBALIZE your business. Successful  websites are just a click away.



Special Features Of Diy Web Kit

Unlimited number of Web Sites
Create as many web sites as you like at no additional cost.
Nothing to Code
No HTML coding required. Its all point & lick !
Professionally Designed Templates
Utilize our professionally designed templates and breathe a new life to your old website, Nothing to design!

Web Site Promotion Wizard
Enhance your web presence with this built in web-site promotional utility. Register your site to popular search engines and directories.

The Maintenance Wizard
The maintenance wizard allows you to update the web site for a lifetime without any recurring costs.

Automatic Publishing tool
Smart Publiher with resume and skip features to help publish your sites to the Internet with ease. 
No more FTPs!

Automatic Key Word Generator
85% of all Internet traffic is search engine generated.    Using strategic keywords is an effective way to funnel traffic to your site. Diy's automatic key word generator assures effective entry
in the search engines.

The Genie.
Diy Web Kit ‘s built-in Genie checks the validity of keywords, Meta Tags and description tag to ensure that your site meets the highest standards and ranking in search engines and directories.

Integrated shopping  Cart.                Use Diy's integrated shopping cart to open your store and start selling your products online quickly.

Connectivity to online credit cart services    Accept online Payments & increase sales.

Forms Wizard                                             Create Feed-Back forms, order forms, Enquiry forms and stay in touch with your cusotmers!

Secured Orders Form Wizard              Create secured order forms, to accept your orders via Credit card, Email, check and Faxes.

Table Wizard                                               Create tables and add rows and colums to your data when you need to easily.

Photo Wizard                                                   Add as many pictures as you like to any page o fyour site.

Personalized Customer Support
Diy Web Kit Team offers personalized customer support via phone & E-mail.

Built in Graphics & Sound Library
Diy Web Kit includes a selection of graphic
  & sound files ready for you to use with your new website.

Inexpensive Domain Registration
Diy Web kit also provide inexpensive domain setup for your new website.
Free Hosting Setup
Diy web Kit provides high quality hosting and will waive the setup free for all Diy Web Kit Customers.

Free Tutorial
Download our Interactive Flash tutorial absolutely FREE NOW, to see for yourself how easy and unique Our Diy Web Kit is.

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Get Global with Diy Web Kit Today!

  • How can you get on the Internet bandwagon and not be left out in the cold?
  • How can you be open for business 24 / 7?
  • How can your business or service tap into this obviously enormous power and business potential?
  • How can you instantly find a market of literally millions for your product or service and harness the power of globalization thats happening today?
  • How can you tap into this huge market that knows no bounds?

Diy Web Kit will give your business
or service Web Presence NOW!

Please click here to view
               our some of our real client's sites

Art Gallery
Cancun Hotel
Glazing Contractor
Online Shopping
Online Gift Shop
Guitar Manufacturer
Cedar Hills Ranch
Safari Tour Company
Parker County Committee On Aging
Pets Website
Real Estate
Real Estate
Online Store - Shopping Cart
Bible Ambassador
Power Line Co.
Sports Specialty Store
Diy Sample Site
Video Creation Service
Affiliate Site
Door Way Page
Web design Business
Software Business
Rental Business
Home Business
Sell E-books
Door Way Page


Here's what some of our customers have to say about us:

" This version is AWESOME! I am really impressed. It has all of the capabilities that I was looking for. "

David Treace

"Just want to say thank you so very much--- what a "GOD"send---this is a wonderful tool-- hats off to you and your company for a brilliant and timely creation! Looking forward to anything you offer in the future, too!"

Dr. Betsy Meshbesher

" This is even BETTER than sliced bread! What a god-send for the unknowing. It is all so user friendly and it makes me feel successful. Thanks a zillion! "
          James Hull


Build your very own website and Internet Business today!


Why Diy Web Kit & Not other
                                            off-the-shelf software?

There are many ways you could go about putting your business or service on the net. You could get yourself a standard, expensive off-the-shelf software packages which can create web sites and possibly give you reasonable results, if you:

  1. Are willing to learn html coding.
  2. Are ready to start creating a web site from scratch.
  3. Are willing to spend days learning how to use the software.
  4. Have an aptitude for web design?
  5. Have the time & patience to understand the technical complexities involved.
  6. Are willing to spend a lot more (and still get lost in a technical jargon)
  7. Are willing to integrate Shopping cart
  8. Are willing to ingegrate Credit Card services
  9. Do you know how to integrate Secured order Forms?
  10. What about accepting Secured Email orders?
Even then, can you be assured of professional results? With most web design packages, you will have to design the site yourself, do some coding and link up the pages. Most other packages do not integrate web site Promotion & Publishing. You will have to do you own keywords research and implement them in the right place on your web page. You will have to manually format Meta and Description tags to ensure that your site achieves a high search engine ranking and get more traffic.

Should you invest your precious time and energy going through manuals, learning to design, and code? We believe your business is far too important to be spending time in a techincal doldrum.
Take the Diy Web Kit Route!
  1. We know you need a website yesterday!
  2. We know the value of your hard-earned dollar
  3. We understand that your time is money.
  4. We know all too well that you cannot take a chance with your business.

Diy Web Kit your One-Stop-Solution!

Diy Web Kit is the easiest way to build a professional looking website. No coding or designing of any kind is required. We have an excellent in-built design library which you can choose from. It does not matter if you are not technical inclined. With Diy, Web Kit anyone can create a professional, full featured website in minutes! To top it off, Diy Web Kit will promote and publish your site too! With its automatic key word generator, you don’t need to go looking for right key words. The built-in web promotion wizard will register your site to the top search engines.

In short, you can create, publish and promote websites very quickly without taking time off from your busy schedule
You can also establish web presence by following the traditional method of hiring a professional web designer.

But only if you have loads of time, energy and if you are ready to spend lots of your hard earned cash. Good web designers are expensive! Click here to see the details.

Diy Web Kit is your quick, cost effective and easy solution to create a website!

Priced at only $79.50
Packed with powerful features.
Diy Web Kit
Your Total Web Solution

You can't go wrong, with our
30 - Day money-back-Warrantee


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DIY Web Kit


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Bonus #1: Five stunning Classic, Professional and Potpourri templates worth $300 absolutely free.
Bonus #2: One Month free hosting with Setup Fees Waived worth $36.95
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Invade that market of millions before your competitor does.



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